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Nett's Naturals

Natural products for healthier skin

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About my company

Living in Colorado where it is very dry can cause overall skin dryness. I’ve used many different lotions and potions over the years, and found they need to be reapplied frequently, which is not cost effective. I also was not happy with all the added chemicals, especially the aluminum in deodorants. I started having reactions to spray perfumes also and had to make a drastic change.

My line of products are all natural and made to be gentle on the skin. If you are a fan of body butters and natural products, I look forward to providing a product for your skin needs.

What our customers are saying

I love the Ginger body butter. I let my niece use some and never got it back. Time to buy another jar.  J. Conner

The deodorant goes on smoothly, and does not leave marks on my clothing. Love it!  Y. Sijercic

I absolutely LOVE the deodorant and body spray, they last all day! The body butter and lip balms are silky smooth.  Rebecca